F is for Food from Ancient Times

One of our favorite parts of doing a year of world geography in our homeschool last year was making foods from each country that we “traveled” to in our lessons. We tried so many new things and while we didn’t exactly enjoy all of them, it was an adventure and fun just the same. While […]

DIY Baseball Wall Art

We are right in the midst of baseball season in our home. Days are filled with scrubbing stains from the knees and backs of baseball pants, finding the one missing cleat, buying nachos from concession stands, and cheering on our oldest son (who scored his first run this week!). It’s just part of life every […]

Rainbow Soft Toddler Sensory Bin

Even though it took me awhile to jump on board with sensory bins, I’ve been quote enjoying making these for my younger children lately. They are fun, they help keep my toddler busy when I’m trying to homeschool my olders, and they are super easy to throw together with just things you likely have lying […]

A Quick and Easy Way to Improve Cognitive Functioning

I have a quick and easy way to improve your cognitive functioning by ten percent! No, price I’m not going to sell you on a program. No, purchase I don’t have a magic formula. In fact, it’s free. I know a lot of you already do this, but do you make it important for your […]

Quick and Easy Spinach and Garlic Tomato Basil Penne for Large and Busy Families{Plus a FREE Ground Beef Rebate!}

Its spring time! Around here that means baseball season, dance recitals, park playdates, and lots of general hubbub that keeps us on the move. It seems that all too often, I end up falling behind on menu planning or get caught off guard by how quickly the day has passed. Suddenly I’m faced with the […]

E is for Egypt{Ancient Egypt Activities}

Ancient Egypt is such a fun time period to explore with young kids.  There are so many topics you can cover, allowing for lots of fun hands-on activities to be added into your studies.  From King Tut, to the pyramids, to the Nile River, to Moses, there are so many amazing people, places, and events […]

Crochet: Chain Circle and Magic Circle

When crocheting in straight lines gets too easy for you, it’s probably time to move onto patterns that work in rounds or circles. There are two main types of circles in the crochet world: the Chain Circle (not an official name, but what we’ll call it here) and the “Magic” Circle. Both of these can […]

Help Birds Build Their Nests

My children love to bird watch at their grandmother’s house. She has feeders in the yard, beside the patio, and attached to the windows with suction cups. Her backyard is a seed and suet smorgasbord! She has several species of birds, finches especially, that swoop in and out of her yard all day. At our home, […]

D is for Drawing Words {Cuneiform Writing for Kids}

Back when my kids studied Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, there we learned about a really interesting form of writing called cuneiform. What makes it especially cool is how easy it is for kids to recreate it, stuff unlike some other forms of ancient writing (quill pens, patient anyone?). First a little background: In the mid-1700s […]

Zoo Report Writing Printables

Oh, thank goodness spring is here!  We’re all finished with the cold, icy weather and ready to get out and enjoy some outside fun!  Every spring the kids and I go with our local MOMS club to the zoo.  This year I created a literature packet to tie into our field trip.  That’s what homeschooling […]