All About Spelling Review and Giveaway!

Last year we used the built in spelling lessons that were a part of the boxed curriculum that was the base of our homeschool.  It was the first year that we had implemented spelling since my oldest was only in the first grade.  I had never given much thought to how I wanted to teach […]

Rock N Learn Review and Giveaway!

When looking for educational videos to help supplement your child’s education or to simply provide more than just mindless dribble for entertainment, you will find many options.  However, ensuring that what you pick is of true quality and not just a cheaply thrown together cartoon that barely holds your child’s attention can be tricky. If […]

Arithmetic Village Giveaway!

Last summer, I reviewed this fantastic set of living math books and fell in love.  My children had a blast with the accompanying activities and often pull out the Arithmetic Village series just for fun.  If you haven’t heard of these great math teaching tools, then let me give you the quick rundown. There are […]

Girls of American History Review and Giveaway!

My nearly eight year old daughter, like many other girls her age, is desperately in love with American Girl dolls and books.  We have been slowly working our way through the historical books and doing activities to accompany them.  It’s been a blast, though it had gotten put on the back burner for a bit […]

Reading the Alphabet Review and Giveaway!

All of my older children have known their alphabet and basic letter sounds from an early age.  We are a family of readers and that often lends itself to spur of the moment instruction on those subjects.  Younger ones also overhear lessons given to older ones and absorb information that you may not even realize […]

Song School Latin 2 Review and Giveaway!

 Oh, how we have loved the last two years of using Song School Latin 1!  It is such a fun, vibrant program.  My kids walk around the house singing the songs and even my three year old has learned a few Latin words and phrases from overhearing her two older siblings during their lessons! I […]

See the Light Review and Giveaway

See the Light is a Christian company that provides lessons, projects, and more for families who wish to get in touch with their artistic side. In each and every lesson, professional artists patiently and confidently teach children how to use various mediums to create their own masterpieces. Last spring, we were introduced to See the […]

Write From History Review and Giveaway!

I’m a blogger, but I’m not a writer.  Words don’t come easily and I often spend quite a bit of time writing and rewriting simple posts to get them to a format and style that I’m content with presenting to the online world.  I’ve often said that this is not a place where you’ll always […]

Alpha Phonics Review and Giveaway!

The ability to read is paramount to a well rounded education.  Without this skill, children can struggle greatly in many areas of their lives all the way into adulthood.  While there are many methods of accomplishing this goal, several fall short in long term decoding abilities.  In order to get a child started down the […]

Safari LTD Review and Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love a good educational toy?  Learning through play is one of the most beneficial ways to educate young children.  It engages their imaginations, helps them make connections with lessons they’ve learned, builds many skills, and allows them to express themselves outside of the confines of a table and chair. Some of our favorite […]