Homeschool Week(s) in Review—Japan

Our next stop in our tour around Asia in Expedition Earth was Japan, the land of the rising sun. I gathered up a nice stack of books to accompany this stop including: How My Parents Learned to Eat by Ina R. FriedmanGrandfather’s Journey by Allen SayA Pair of Red Clogs by Masako MatsunoThe Bicycle Man […]

Homeschool Week in Review–South Korea

The week before Thanksgiving we traveled to our second country in Asia, South Korea using Expedition Earth. We were starting to get a bit anxious for the upcoming holiday break, so we moved through this unit a little quicker than we did the others so far.  I didn’t get to all the crafts that I […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review—China

We wrapped up our time in Oceania in Expedition Earth with our study of Australia.  The kids chose to jump into Asia next, so we kicked off our time in this continent by learning all about China. China is the fourth largest country in the entire world and has a huge population.  My children were […]

Homeschool Week in Review—Australia

Our study of this country with Expedition Earth actually took place over the course of two weeks as we had several field trips and other events, appointments, and other things that interrupted some of our school days.  I was also waiting for a book that I had ordered to arrive that I wanted to use. We […]

Apologia: Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Review

Oh my!  I am terribly excited to share this review with you all today.  It is that good!  We have been using the new Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics from Apologia as our science curriculum for several weeks and I am so pleased and impressed. We have also been using two of the Exploring […]

Ant Unit Study Resources

{this post contains affiliate links} Recently I discovered this great free resource over at The Homeschool Belle that uses The Magic School Bus DVDs as a base for a science curriculum.  After looking it over and another similar resource at Water on the Floor, I decided that I wanted to marry the two together and add in […]

Homeschool Week in Review—New Zealand

We kicked off our year of world geography last week by studying the continents and oceans. We are using Expedition Earth from Confessions of a Homeschooler as our base, though I will be supplementing from other sources throughout the year.  I decided to not follow the order of the continents in the teacher’s guide, but […]

Homeschool Week in Review—The First Week Back After Baby

{This post contains affiliate links}My, oh my.  Life with a newborn is something else, isn’t it? We’ve spent the last five weeks soaking up all the newness that came along with this little guy(who by the way, is starting to smile!). We’ve loved every minute of it, though Mommy has a few more bags under […]

Our Curriculum Choices for 2013-2014 and a New Blog Roll!

Here it is–the post about what I’ve chosen to use in our homeschool next year since we will no longer be using Heart of Dakota for our older two children. It was a road paved with many catalogs and internet searches, review readings and forum questions.  I have gone back and forth and hither and […]