O is for Olympics in Ancient Times

This week’s letter for the ABC’s of Ancient History is O. When I think of the letter O, the first thing that pops in my mind is the Olympics. I am going to share some hands on activities as well as some fun resources to help make studying the Olympics in ancient times a memorable part of […]

N is for Nubia: An Ancient African Kingdom

Hi everyone! I’m thrilled to participate in The ABCs of Ancient History here at To the Moon and Back! Today, I’ll be highlighting the letter N with “N is for Nubia”! What was Ancient Nubia? Ancient Nubia was an early African kingdom located in parts of modern-day Egypt and the Sudan. Historians are undecided about when […]

M Is for King Minos and the Minotaur

You are trapped in a labyrinth, wandering in circles, hopeful yet fearful for when you’ll meet the monster in the middle: The Minotaur of King Minos. Thus goes the ancient story of King Minos and the Minotaur. King Minos and the Minotaur King Minos and the Minotaur is a story which begins in Athens. Theseus, the […]

L is for Library of Alexandria

Ancient library, Alexandria, Egypt If you plan to study Ancient History the Library of Alexandria should be on your list. Read below a brief summary of the library and how it contributed to the world below. Library of Alexandria had the most extensive library of Classical antiquities. The Library of Alexandria (Egypt) is one of […]

K is for King Tutankhamen: Books About King Tut for Children

We have been using Biblioplan, Year One: Ancients for our history this past homeschool year. We’ve had such a great time really diving into each civilization that we will be continuing with it into our next year. Rabbit trails abound, and I want to really savor my children’s enthusiasm for their studies. One particular topic […]

H is for Honey Dates, Gustatio, and Bread! An Ancient Roman Feast for Kids!

How to make a kid friendly Ancient Roman Feast. Romans knew how to throw a party. Wealthy Romans threw lavish events that included entertainment and music. They ate reclining on couches. The food was amazing and included delicacies such as ostrich, dormice and flamingo. Kitchens in ancient Rome were small, crowded and hot. They cooked […]

G is for Greece{Ancient Greece Resource Round Up}

Streaming (subscriptions required) Netflix – Mystery Files:  Alexander the Great The 300 Sartans Hulu – Horrible Histories – Groovy Greeks Kid’s Animated History Episodes 5&6 Amazon Prime – New Dimension:  Ancient Greece New Dimension:  Ancient Athens Empires Season 7, Episode 1 Global Treasures Acropolis Athens, Greece Brain Pop – Democracy Video FREEBIES Teachers Pay Teachers […]

F is for Food from Ancient Times

One of our favorite parts of doing a year of world geography in our homeschool last year was making foods from each country that we “traveled” to in our lessons. We tried so many new things and while we didn’t exactly enjoy all of them, it was an adventure and fun just the same. While […]

C is for Calendars from Ancient History

I am happy to be guest posting here today at Dusty’s site! Today my post is on an ancient calendar that we have learned a little about in our home recently. There are so many amazing calendars from ancient history that it was hard to choose what to focus on. We decided to learn more […]

B is for Books on Ancient History

No homeschool is complete without books, and ancient history happens to be my favorite portion of history to study. My five children range in ages ten to two; therefore we’ve come across some great books, and some not so great books. These happen to be our favorite, and most of these books onn ancient history […]