Homeschooling with an Older Baby

Nearly six months ago, I blogged about my tips for getting back into the homeschool swing with a newborn. My little guy is now eight months old and entering a new stage of mobility and curiosity! While many of the things that I mentioned in the other post can apply when you baby gets a […]

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale is BACK! Don’t Miss It!

By popular demand, 100+ homemaking bloggers are bringing back The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and it’s better than ever! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a complete library of great eBooks on homemaking—a truly valuable knowledge base you’ll use for many years to come. Unlike a library, though, you don’t have to spend years building it up. […]

Babywearing in the Summer {A Beachfront Baby Review and GIVEAWAY!}

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that my personal favorite baby carrier is my wrap.  I love it and use it constantly when I have small babies and toddlers. It is the most comfortable carrier that I have ever used and I appreciate its versatility. The one downside to it is that it […]

The Ultimate Guide to FREE DIY Baby Carrier Tutorials

Babywearing can be an expensive practice if you are like some people who enjoy using different carriers for various purposes.   *cough* *cough* One way to save money on your habit or to just start out frugally is to make your own carrier.  Break out the sewing machine (or not) and create a carrier that […]

The Dos and Don’ts of Babywearing

While babywearing seems like it is really simple, there are some things that any parent who intends on using a baby carrier should be aware of before they begin.  Here is a list of tips that will help you keep your baby safe and make your babywearing experience as pleasant and easy as possible. Photo […]

A Guide to Baby Carrier Styles

Photo Credit If you are new to babywearing or if you are looking for something different to use with your baby, it can be overwhelming to sort through the hundreds of available options when it comes to baby carriers. There are both big name and small time companies owned by work at home moms and […]

An Introduction to Babywearing and its Benefits

Photo Credit Eight years ago when my first child was born, I had never heard the term “babywearing.”  Attachment parenting was not on my radar and I was just a young twenty something first time mom trying my best to wade into the waters of motherhood without drowning. Someone had given me a Snugli carrier […]

Homeschooling with a New Baby

Four and a half months ago, we welcomed our fourth child into the world. He’s been such a blessing to our home and lives and we just love him to bits. Life with a newborn is unpredictable.  I’ve never followed a schedule when it comes to babies.  I nurse on demand and watch their cues […]

Spark of Amber Teething Necklace Review and Giveaway!

It’s late.  Your eyes are bleary and heavy.  You’re pacing the floor, back and forth, back and forth, silently praying that baby in your aching arms will finally, finally settle and go to sleep.  Your sweet little one is just so uncomfortable, restless and fussy because of the bothersome problem of teething pain.  You want […]

A New Mother’s Dream Prize Pack { Giveaway!}

Hello and welcome!! I’m so excited to be a part of the Dream Nursery Giveaway hosted by Breastfeeding Place, Intoxicated on Life, and Atta Mama!  I’m hosting a great New Mother’s Dream Prize Pack sponsored by Fairhaven Health and ThreePears below. Be sure to visit each of the blogs on the linky at the bottom […]