Modern Women and Biblical Submission

Submission is such a dirty word in today’s society, isn’t it? It can bring to mind many negative connotations: slave, doormat, weak, inferior. The truth is that these associations came from society not the Bible.  As Christian women, we need to ensure that we can discern biblical truth from societal deception. Let’s look at what biblical […]

Z is for Zealous Elijah

Last but not least, sickness we are introducing the letter Z for Zealous Elijah in the ABC’s of Bible Study. In order to teach about Zealous Elijiah, medications I have created a free printable. By using this printable, children will learn what it means to be Zealous and why Elijiah was Zealous for God.  This printable is […]

Y is for Your Relationship with the Lord: Devotionals for Children

I can’t believe that next week will end the ABCs of Bible Study for Children series. It’s been fun for me to put together resource lists and printables to use to teach children God’s Word, and I’ve had the great pleasure of having several fabulous guest posters contributing as well. For this week’s installment, I […]

S is for Saviour

Teaching children about their Saviour, ed Jesus Christ, cialis is a big task, viagra sale and teaching them why we call him a Saviour and what exactly that means – that’s a challenge unto itself! A Saviour is someone who saves and protects us from harm. When we are talking about Jesus Christ, the salvation […]

What’s in the Bible? Volume 10: Jesus is the Good News! {Review and Giveaway!}

Buck Denver and his friends are back to start teaching children all about the New Testament and the Gospel! Beginning with an introduction of the four apostles Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John and an overview of history that shares how Alexander the Great got the known world learning and speaking one language as well as […]

Devotions for Beginning Readers {A Review and Giveaway!}

Learning to read is a really important milestone in a child’s life. It is easy for some, a hard won struggle for others, but a rite of passage for all. I take a laid back approach to teaching my children this important skill. I want to foster a love for diving into a book and […]

I is for Isaac

Do you like looking at pictures? Pictures give a snap shot of what was happening at a particular time. Today we are going to look at Isaac. There is not that much detail on Isaac’s life but we do have a few highlights. In this Bible study, we will be looking at the photo album […]

H is for Holy Spirit

Teaching children about the Holy Spirit isn’t easy. I don’t think anyone will fully understand until we ask God in heaven, but I did the best I could. I broke our lesson into three parts: Who, How, What. This made it easy for them to learn and as they get older, I can fill in […]

G is for Gathering Disciples

Can you imagine going about your daily routine and then one day having the Son of God stop and call you to follow Him?  It’s an amazing thought to ponder on and I’ve often wondered how the twelve men that Jesus chose to be his trusted circle felt when He first called out to them. […]

F is for Flood{Learning about Noah’s Ark and a FREE Printable Mini Book}

The biblical account of Noah can be taught in a variety of ways. There are so many lessons to learn from this man of faith and the story of God’s mercy through the ark that it’s hard to narrow it down. I decided to create a printable mini book for young children to color and […]