Little Hands to Heaven–Preschool Week in Review #8

Little Lydia has had a bit of an extended break from her preschool work.  The week before my older two began their Christmas break, her lessons were put on the backburner as we muscled through while making holiday preparations.  Then we had three weeks off to really bask in all things family and Christmas: baking, […]

Z is for Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz: A Collection of Dr. Seuss Themed Fun{Over 100 FREE Printables and Tutorials}

For over a year, I have been collecting links to all sorts of Dr. Seuss inspired educational fun.  We are avid Seuss fans in our home and I plan to spend a good portion of the month of March utilizing many of these resources myself.  I had planned to do this last March, but with […]

Y is for Yearning for a Baby: Asher’s Birth Story

I was impatient. My growing abdomen was heavy and uncomfortable.  I couldn’t sleep at night.  Contractions made most days difficult to muddle (or waddle) through without difficulty. I felt weary and overwhelmed and scared. The induction date was growing closer and I could feel the anxiety building in my mind as I remembered my last […]

X is for Xylophone Rainbow Fun!

Last week, my preschooler Lydia, learned about Noah and the flood.  After reading about God making his promise to never flood the Earth again and setting the rainbow in the sky, I thought that we needed some more rainbow colored fun to go along with the story.  I decided to let her make her own […]

W is for Welcome to a New School Year!

*this post contains affiliate links*I mentioned in my preschool week in review post that we had started our new school year.   We have now officially completed our first full two weeks! I didn’t want to dive into our regular curriculum for the year while I was so close to my due date, so instead we […]

V is for Very Small Spaces and Homeschooling

If you didn’t know, we currently reside in a 900 sq. ft, 2 bedroom house.  There are five of us.  Very, very soon, there will  be six.  While this certainly isn’t typical, we’ve been here for nearly five years, since we were only a family of four.  Our house has exactly 6 rooms: 2 bedrooms, […]

U is for Until the Baby Arrives (Packing a Hospital Bag and Making Kid Clothing Packs)

I’m sitting at 38 weeks (and a few days).  Is it REALLY that close to baby’s arrival?  It’s flown.  A few nights ago, I had a serious Braxton Hicks attack.  It was so intense and lasted for hours, keeping me awake through the night and I thought, “Wow, maybe I’ll actually have a baby before […]

T is for Three: Lydia’s Birth Story

A little over three years ago, we were a little family of four.  My husband and I had what many call the “perfect family” because we had one girl and one boy.  While I was very happy with what we had, deep down, my Mommy heart very much longed for another little girl.  I only […]

S is for Salt Water Animals Textured Watercolor Paintings

On last week’s Bee Crafty Kids post, I showed you how to color sand to use in lieu of sand for crafts. Today I’m going to show you one of the things that we used our colored “sand” to create.  For this activity, you will need: a set of watercolor paints(blues and greens are the […]

R is for Rattlesnakes, Cougars, and Bears: A Field Trip to the Western North Carolina Nature Center

In lieu of birthday parties, we do “family adventures.”  The birthday child chooses a location to travel to (within reason) and we spend the entire day there as a family, having fun and sometimes even exploring other attractions nearby.  Over the last few years, we visited several children’s museums, a transportation museum, and more! Saturday […]