Nursies When the Sun Shines (Operation Nightwean Round 3 and a GIVEAWAY!)

It’s that time again. That bittersweet time when my little one has reached an age where sleep deprivation has reached it’s highest peak and so I must relinquish the part of my night that contributes to the bleary eyed mommy syndrome, breastfeeding. I have nursed three children for a year or longer and I never […]

Mr. Sandman, Bring Me a Dream? Pretty Please?

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I seriously could go to bed. Right. now. *yawn* Last night I was determined to go to bed at 10PM. I have been staying up until midnight or later(waiting on DH to come home from work and then chatting with him for awhile since this is our only kid-free […]

Extended Breastfeeding: One Year and Counting

It is World Breastfeeding Week!  Today I want to talk about a topic that some find controversial….extended breastfeeding.  What is “extended breasteeding,” you say? It is continuing the breastfeeding relationship with your child beyond the first year of age.  I have done this with all three of my children.  Sweetpea was weaned at 14 1/2 […]

Modesty and Breastfeeding

I am a huge advocate for breastfeeding. I believe that this is the way God intended us to feed our babies, advice that it is absolutely, adiposity unequivocally the best nutrition resource for them, that most difficulties can be overcome with patience, the right attitude, and some help from a lactation consultant, and that every […]

And An Era Comes to An End

There he is. My almost two year old bubba boo who is since yesterday no longer my little nursling. *sigh* It’s been emotional for me, even though I knew from the beginning that I was going to wean him at two. We’ve been slow-weaning for a few months now and he was down to only […]

Operation Nightwean: Mission Accomplished!

****insert fanatically happy dance here**** Yes, you read it right ladies and gentlemen…okay, mostly ladies…Bub is officially 100% nightweaned! I thought it would never happen but we struggled through and now we are done! I tried everything that I could think of, and nothing seemed to do it, so I just took a super deep […]

Operation Nightwean Update

Time for an update, I suppose on my mission to move little(who is not so little anymore) out of the parental boudoir. I am now reveling in my slumber on the couch in the living room. Yep, the couch. We’ve bent over backwards at every other attempt, and this seems to be the only thing […]

The Great Parenting Divide

Before I had children, I just KNEW exactly how I would raise mine once I did have them. I had all my plans, all my ideas, all my theories lined up neatly on the shelves of my mind just waiting for the moment I held my first baby in my arms. As it happens, 99% […]

Operation NightWean Update

I think I’m failing this mission. Seriously. We started by putting the side back on Bub’s crib in our room and pushing it away from our bed a bit. I secretly hoped that by some miracle, just putting this itty bitty space between the baby and the scent of breastmilk would help him not want […]

Operation NightWean

This mission, if I choose to accept it, is to successfully, lovingly wean my 15 1/2 month old from being attached to the boob all. night. long. This will not be an easy mission. In fact, I expect it will be quite difficult, and possibly dangerous. I will have to enlist backup from time to […]