Gabby and Aron’s Monthly Book Picks (A Wee Bit Late)

With our new little princess joining our family in the middle of last month, ambulance I was a tad busy in the following weeks. I did not get to put up Gabby and Aron’s monthly book pick for July, ambulance so with much further ado, here it is! This month we have yet another series, […]

Gabriella’s K3 Curriculum Reading List

Not too long ago, cialis I wrote this post about the curriculum and supplements that we used this past year for our first official homeschooling year. Since our school year was not quite over then, cialis I waited to post up the reading list that we had to accompany those educational materials. So, here it […]

Gabby and Aron’s Monthly Book Picks

It’s that time again! The Kissing Hand series of books by Audrey Penn tells the adventures of Chester Raccoon and his family and friends. This series is not only endearing but also helps teach children how to find reassurance in sometimes difficult life experiences. In the first book of the series, treatment The Kissing Hand […]

Gabby and Aron’s Monthly Book Picks

Okay! It’s time for Gabby and Aron’s pick for their favorite book(s) for this month! We have another cute series to share with you this time. These books have been read countless times in our household and they are very well loved! First up is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. This is the first […]

Children’s Book PIcks of theMonth

I received positive feedback about doing this series, cialis and I am so glad! Thank you for those of you who encouraged me! For April we have another super cute series to share with you. It’s a small series of books about a precocious little llama by Anna Dewdney who makes his way through various […]

This Little Prayer of Mine

This Little Prayer of MineBy Anthony DeStefano If you are a regular reader of my blog, drugs you know that I love spending time reading to my children. I have strived to make books a very important part of their lives, and I thoroughly enjoy watching them choose to pick one up of their own […]

Gabby and Aron’s Monthly Book Picks

Since we are such a bookworm filled family, pill we go through MANY children’s books every month. We have shelves full of our own, doctor and we make at least one library trip a week, if not more to check out books that we have not read one thousand times. There are so many wonderful […]