Making Bathroom Cleaning Fun {Building Life Skills with Children}

Homemaking can be quite overwhelming, especially when you are a homeschooler and you spend most days with everyone in the house. Living full, busy lives gets messy.  Clutter takes over, spills happen, muddy footprints appear across kitchen floors, and toys take up residence on seemingly every flat surface available. In our home, we believe that […]

Age Appropriate Chores for Young Children {and a Review}

I am a firm believer in children having responsibilities around the home. Part of being a parent is raising productive children who are not entitled and who one day will be equipped to care for themselves and their own families. Families should be teams and work together to maintain their home. I have heard an […]

Toxic Free Products for Home and Family {A Mommy’s Club Review}

Ever since I read a book about reducing your child’s chemical exposure in your home several years ago, I’ve been very conscientious about the cleaning and personal care products that we use.  I am far from perfect, but I do try to keep toxic ingredients down to a minimum. Recently, one of my readers approached […]

How to Get Your House Clean When You Are Overwhelmed {A Motivated Moms Review}

I confess. I really, really, really stink at maintaining a house cleaning schedule. I have good intentions and even some promising beginnings, but I always crash and burn in a heap of overwhelming anxiety and frustration over my house still lacking order. Not anymore. I’ve tried so many systems, plans, tips, and schedules over the […]

A Not So New Challenge

Back in the fall, I began following and participating in a 31 Days to Clean challenge based on the ebook written by Sarah Mae. I started off well, writing up my mission statement and rolling up my sleeves to get to work. I began to change my perspective on what clean really means and to […]

Night Time Chore Cards

Recently I had been trying to come up with a way to help the children be slightly more independent during our night time routine.  My husband works evenings, so I am solely responsible for all of the dinner preparation and cleanup, baths, pjs, teeth brushing, etc.  I can get it all done just fine, but […]