Reading the Alphabet Review and Giveaway!

All of my older children have known their alphabet and basic letter sounds from an early age.  We are a family of readers and that often lends itself to spur of the moment instruction on those subjects.  Younger ones also overhear lessons given to older ones and absorb information that you may not even realize […]

Song School Latin 2 Review and Giveaway!

 Oh, how we have loved the last two years of using Song School Latin 1!  It is such a fun, vibrant program.  My kids walk around the house singing the songs and even my three year old has learned a few Latin words and phrases from overhearing her two older siblings during their lessons! I […]

See the Light Review and Giveaway

See the Light is a Christian company that provides lessons, projects, and more for families who wish to get in touch with their artistic side. In each and every lesson, professional artists patiently and confidently teach children how to use various mediums to create their own masterpieces. Last spring, we were introduced to See the […]

Alpha Phonics Review and Giveaway!

The ability to read is paramount to a well rounded education.  Without this skill, children can struggle greatly in many areas of their lives all the way into adulthood.  While there are many methods of accomplishing this goal, several fall short in long term decoding abilities.  In order to get a child started down the […]

Fun Monthly Printables from Little Natural Cottage! {Review}

Are you a family that enjoys utilizing printables with your young children?  The Internet is overflowing with this sort of fun worksheets and activities for kids, but many of them seem to just be copies of one another.  They include the same style, with different images. If you are looking for something a little different, […]

The God Puzzle {Review}

When looking for resources to help teach my children about the Bible, I’m pretty selective.  I want something that is not only accurate, but explains biblical truths in a way that my children can easily understand without a lot of unnecessary diatribe.  Attention spans are short with young children and I need to get key […] Review

My children don’t spend much time on the computer.  They don’t have iPads or Kindles or iPods or any of the other gadgets that kids carry around these days.  They don’t surf the Internet freely (or at all).  I have several educational games and websites that I’ve selected for them to use and they rotate […]

Apologia: Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Review

Oh my!  I am terribly excited to share this review with you all today.  It is that good!  We have been using the new Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics from Apologia as our science curriculum for several weeks and I am so pleased and impressed. We have also been using two of the Exploring […]

Brain Food Learning: The Fascinating World of Insects DVD Review

There is just something about boys and bugs.  While this city girl is not a fan of the large variety of insects that are residing in the woods and grassy areas around our home, my son is quite interested in getting up close and personal (though sometimes not touching) with as many of them as […]

Gryphon House:Global Art Review

If you hadn’t noticed, we love crafts around here.  My kids get incredibly excited whenever I tell them that I have a new fun craft for them and they can often be found pulling out the supplies all on their own.  My shelves are full of craft books for children and they are all slightly […]