2 Fun Poems to Memorize for National Poetry Month

Poetry has a certain magic to it. The play of words, the images, and the emotions it expresses all come together to create a magic that defines life. April is National Poetry Month and the perfect opportunity to introduce our young children to poetry with two fun poems they’ll love to recite. Recitation is the best way […]

C is for Calendars from Ancient History

I am happy to be guest posting here today at Dusty’s site! Today my post is on an ancient calendar that we have learned a little about in our home recently. There are so many amazing calendars from ancient history that it was hard to choose what to focus on. We decided to learn more […]

8+ Outdoor Spring Science Experiments

Now that winter is finally behind us, it’s time to jump headlong into spring! Here in Texas where I live, April and May are the perfect months to get out in the sunshine before it gets too hot during the summer months. We are big fans of STEM activities for kids. We love all STEM […]

B is for Books on Ancient History

No homeschool is complete without books, and ancient history happens to be my favorite portion of history to study. My five children range in ages ten to two; therefore we’ve come across some great books, and some not so great books. These happen to be our favorite, and most of these books onn ancient history […]

A Writing Curriculum for a Hands On Learner

This is a conversation on behalf of WriteShop. Opinions are 100% my own. My seven year old son is what my husband and I like to call a mover and a shaker. It is a rare moment during his waking hours that he is not wiggling, dancing, jumping, spinning, fighting invisible villains bent on destroying […]

FREE “Mama, Do You Love Me?” Literature Pack

With winter upon us, my kiddos and I are setting the mood by studying about the Arctic region.  Since I don’t follow a curriculum, I follow the lead of some of my favorite bloggers and create literature packets to go along with children’s books.  I like doing this because it keeps all of our lessons connected, keeps the […]

12 Easy Craft Stick Christmas Decorations that Children Can Make

I mentioned on my Facebook page not too long ago that my children and I were determined to deck our Christmas tree in 100% handmade Christmas ornaments. It’s been a ton of fun scouring Pinterest for ideas and spending time with my little ones crafting together. I’ve decided to extend our DIY holiday crafting and […]

Q is for Quiet Spirit

Anyone with children appreciates those quiet moments!  Does having a “quiet spirit” mean that our children will be quiet all the time! To see how to help our children develop a quiet spirit, we have to know what the Bible says about a quiet spirit. The verse that comes first to mind is directed to godly wives:  but let […]

FREE Silly Monster Games and Activities Printable Pack

We had some super silly activities during our homeschool time today. Sometimes you just need to have fun instead of doing ‘the usual.’ Instead of doing our regular math activities, we played with silly monsters. This was part of my mission to get my first grader excited about doing school (which she hates in general). […]

Grammar Stage Ancient Egypt Book List for Biblioplan: Year 1

We are thoroughly enjoying our journey into ancient Egypt with our history curriculum this year. We are using Year 1 from Biblioplan amd delving into the world of the ancients, including biblical history. It’s a fascinating journey and we are learning more and more each day during our studies. Biblioplan provides an excellent list of […]