When I Grow Up Fashion Show Game and Race{Plus FREE Community Helpers Printables}

Is it already the end of August? Where did the summer go? It’s time for Poppins Book Nook! A monthly virtual book club where several bloggers share a book and a craft or activity that correspond to a select theme. This month’s theme was “What Will I Be When I Grow Up?” When I was […]

A is for Adam and Eve

When teaching children about the Bible, I think the most important place to start is at the beginning.  Learning about the foundations of the world and about how sin came and tainted it sets the stage for everything that comes afterward, all the way to the birth of Christ. So to kick off this new […]

The ABCs of Bible Study for Children {A New Series!}

I had such a good time putting together the ABCs of Scented Playdough series that I decided that I wanted to do another similar series.  I spent quite some time pondering what topic I would use and finally decided to focus on teaching little ones about the Bible! Since I believe that to be a […]

Learning about Cycles with Moving Beyond the Page {A Review}

Last year we reviewed two units from Moving Beyond the Page and really enjoyed them, so when the opportunity to give two new units a try, we were excited. This time around we used the Language Arts Package-Charlotte’s Web and the coordinating Science Package-The Water Cycle. Our Charlotte’s Web package was a mixture of an […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review–Russia

We’ve finally made it to Europe in our Expedition Earth travels.  Our first stop was Russia! This was probably one of our most fun weeks so far! We learned how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Russian.  We listened to our names in Russian using Google Translate. We listened to Tchaikovsky, watched Ballerina, and […]

C is for Caterpillar {The Ultimate List of Caterpillar Resources for Preschool and Early Elementary and FREE Printable}

Welcome to day 3 of the ABCs of Nature collaborative series hosted by School Time Snippets! I’m hosting the letter C and I’ve decided to focus on caterpillars! Studying or observing the little wriggly critters can be great fun for young children. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is fascinating to them. We’ve raised butterflies […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review–Thailand

Our last stop on our tour through Asia with Expedition Earth was Thailand. We’ve taken so many breaks because of the birth of our youngest and our recent move that our trip around the world has taken longer than first anticipated. Some countries have also been so much fun that we spent more than one […]

Classic Stories for Children {A Review}

What child has not heard the name of Peter Rabbit? He is a staple in any children’s library that houses great literature. His adventures have been told for years, being passed down from parent to child to grandchild and beyond. They are classics, surviving the modernization of societies and the ever changing interests of generations. […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review—Israel

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated on our Expedition Earth journeys. We’re still making our way across the globe, but with the recent move, we had several weeks that things were rather scattered and unorganized when it came to schooling. The country I’m sharing about in this post, Israel, was completed before, during, and after […]

Teaching a Christian Worldview {An Apologia Bible Curriculum Review}

Apologia Educational Ministries is a homeschooling staple in our home. We have been using their science curriculum for a couple of years now and loving it. I had noticed their What We Believe Christian worldview curriculum, but since we were still finishing up a different family devotional so I hadn’t had the opportunity to check […]