S is for Saviour

Teaching children about their Saviour, ed Jesus Christ, cialis is a big task, viagra sale and teaching them why we call him a Saviour and what exactly that means – that’s a challenge unto itself! A Saviour is someone who saves and protects us from harm. When we are talking about Jesus Christ, the salvation […]

Math: God’s Creative Building Blocks!

Prior to becoming a Christian homeschooling mother, I never gave math much thought.  I got through it in school (more like survived it) and then I put it all behind me, thinking it wouldn’t matter much  in “real life” once I was out of school.  I never, in 21 years as a Christian, heard the […]

Share the Power of God’s Love with Children {A Review and GIVEAWAY!}

It is so important for children (or anyone) to understand the depths of the Lord’s love for them. But how can you really, truly explain it? I’m an adult and I’m at a loss for the right words to adequately describe the magnitude of His grace, mercy, and care. I believe that we won’t fully […]

What a Homeschool Conference Taught Me About Parenting

I shared with you a few months ago that I was been chosen to be a part of the 2014 Official Blogger team for the North Carolinians for Home Education Conference and Book Fair.  This was my very first homeschooling conference and I was both nervous and excited about what it would entail. If you […]

The Berenstein Bears Keep the Faith by Mike Berenstain {A Review}

Brother Bear and Sister Bear love to learn about science.  They love to read about dinosaurs, use microscopes to look at things close up, and gaze at the far away stars. Their friend, Ferdy Factual, loves science too and one night he brings a telescope to the Bears’ home so that they can all have […]

Planting a Love of the Lord in Little Hearts {A Review}

As a Christian parent, I believe that it is never too early to start teaching your children about the Lord. Even babies can witness their parents humbling bowing their heads in prayer or raising their hands in worship.  That’s why I have really enjoyed reviewing some of the precious board books from Graham Blanchard.  Photo […]

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle Sale is BACK! Don’t Miss It!

By popular demand, 100+ homemaking bloggers are bringing back The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and it’s better than ever! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a complete library of great eBooks on homemaking—a truly valuable knowledge base you’ll use for many years to come. Unlike a library, though, you don’t have to spend years building it up. […]

Turning to God When You Feel Restless {Review}

A couple of years ago, I read a book by Jennie Allen that really grabbed me and made me truly take a deep look inward and see if I was really willing to put my money where my mouth was when it came to my faith. This time, I had the privilege of reviewing the […]

Three Trees–One Amazing Story {Review and Giveaway}

With an intro that begins with a narration about how God created all the trees and seeds, each with their own destiny, this animated tale tells the story of three special trees. Follow the unique journeys of three seeds as they are planted in three different locations.  Watch them grow into an olive tree, an […]

A Wholesome Magazine for Young Christian Girls {A Review}

Take a walk down the magazine aisle in any store these days and you’ll find yourself grimacing and attempting to shield your children’s eyes from the onslaught of loose morals. Overtly sexual poses and titles are boldly proclaimed and worship of the next “hottest” boy bander is highly encouraged. It’s rather discouraging for Christian parents […]