The ABCs of Homeschooling: F is for Field Trips {Guest Post}

I am guest posting today over at My Joy-Filled Life about field trips and why they are important for homeschoolers too! When I was in school, I eagerly looked forward to field trip days.  A whole day away from the “learning” and humdrum of sitting in desks and filling out worksheets.  What I didn’t realize […]

R is for Rattlesnakes, Cougars, and Bears: A Field Trip to the Western North Carolina Nature Center

In lieu of birthday parties, we do “family adventures.”  The birthday child chooses a location to travel to (within reason) and we spend the entire day there as a family, having fun and sometimes even exploring other attractions nearby.  Over the last few years, we visited several children’s museums, a transportation museum, and more! Saturday […]

A Trip to the Farm

Last week we had the opportunity to travel to a local farm with a group of fellow homeschoolers.  We had to travel about 45 minutes to get there, but it was worth the drive. We arrived early and the owner of the farm had tables set up for the children to color and assemble cow […]

A Day of Firefighting

A couple weeks ago, we took a field trip to our local fire station to wrap up Fire Safety and Prevention Month.  It’s been at least two years since we’ve visited a station, so I thought we were overdue!  It ended up being a really cold windy day, so we were eager to get INSIDE […]

Flat Travelers Go Historic

If you’ve been following our adventures with visiting flat travelers, you can see that we’ve been having a ball hosting friends from all over the country! Unfortunately, our own travelers Flat Ginger and Flat Super Aron were detained by a member of the swap and never sent out after their first and only adventure.  🙁  […]

20. Go On An All Day Date With My Hubby & 28. Visit Grandfather Mountain and Walk on the Mile High Swinging Bridge(30 Before 30)

*Happy dance!* *Happy dance!*  I knocked out TWO of the tasks on my 30 Before 30 list in one fell swoop! Yesterday marked our seventh anniversary and since it fell on a Monday and Alec had to work, we decided to spend the day together on Sunday to celebrate.  This year was special because we […]

15. Go Hiking (30 Before 30)

Well, I did it! I completed my first task from my 30 Before 30 List!  With the help of my friend Abbey from Just a Peek, I went hiking for the first time in YEARS! I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive because of my lack of fitness it’s been so long […]

Field Trip with Flat Mikey!

Gabby has been studying early America during the Revolutionary War period, so we thought it would be fun to visit nearby historical home from that era.   We were hosting another flat traveler so we decided to bring him along as well! Fort Defiance is not an actual fort.  It was the home of General William […]

Meet Our Friend, Flat Zeus

I introduced you all to our Ginger and Super Aron a few days ago. I told you all about how we are participating in flat traveler exchanges this summer and how excited the children are about all the escapades that we are planning for all of the flat friends we will be hosting. Well, welcome […]

The North Carolina Arboretum

This is the last week of our gardens unit study, so I thought it’d be fun to schedule a field trip to help wrap everything up, but also to reinforce the things that we’ve been learning.  Originally, we planned to tour both the NC Arboretum and then trek over and explore the The Botanical Gardens […]