Addition and Subtraction Rap Review and GIVEAWAY!

Gabriella has been working on addition and subtraction this past year and one of the things that comes along with the territory is learning math facts. Flashcards can be great tools for this as well as just tons of practice working the problems, but sometimes a more fun approach really does the job.  That’s where […]

Math Mammoth Review

Math is the subject that I find most intimidating to teach as a homeschooler.  I was always the wordy nose-in-a-book type and math past a certain level was always a struggle for me.  When I’m choosing a math curriculum for my children, I look for ease of use, thorough explanation, and also for inclusion of […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review: The Ones Told in Pictures

In the frenzy that has been our life for the past couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to put up my homeschool week in review posts.  So here’s a pictorial showcase of some of the things we’ve been doing. This makes it easier to share without a mile long blog post. 🙂 Gabby is […]

Simulated Bird Beak Experiment

This week in our curriculum, we did this fun experiment that simulated several different types of bird beaks so that children could get a hands on look at how and why certain types of beaks were better suited for different birds because of the foods they eat. We had such a good time and I […]

Homeschool Week in Review: The One with the Dandelions and the Trail

We finished up our Spring Surprises unit study this week and the kids were sad to see it go.  My oldest said, “You mean spring school is over?” with a rather pathetic looking pout on her face.  But, alas, we have to get back to the grind and finish up our regular curriculum before baby […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review—The Ones Where We Regained Some Ground

We’ve been struggling with getting back into a routine with our schooling.  Which I’ve mentioned.  More than once. 🙂 BUT we’ve had a breakthrough it seems and we’ve been doing our lessons (well Gabby, anyway) regularly for the last two weeks!  Hooray! Morning sickness is still present, but isn’t ever an all day long battle […]

Homeschool Week in Review—Oh the Thinks You Can Think

We’ve had some time off the last few weeks as I continue to best deal with my sometimes relentless morning sickness and try to regain control over my house.  When you are on the couch for the better portion of a month and a half because of severe nausea, things tend to fall apart. I […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review—What Week are We On Again??

It’s been a roller coaster few months around here.  With the onset of really severe morning sickness, severe health issues within our extended family, and other things, I’m very glad that we made the choice to school year round!  It makes it less stressful when things get off course because I don’t have a set […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 15

I mentioned last week that I was itching for Christmas break.  Well, it really showed this week because we only got two days worth of work done!  Ah well, it’s the holidays! We’ve still been having a ton of fun with our Christmas Angel, Noelle.  My husband injured himself at work last week.  He punctured […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 14

December is running away with me!  We’re only eight days in and I already feel like maybe we should throw schooling to the wind until the New Year because of how busy we’ve been!  I won’t do it though.  I’m not brave enough.  What do you other homeschoolers do during the holiday season? We ended […]