DIY Natural Coconut Oil Baby Wipes

All four of my children have had varying degrees of sensitive skin and eczema as babies and toddlers. The severity of reactions was different for each of them but one thing was the same for all of them–I could not, under any circumstances, use scented baby wipes. If I did, it was a matter of […]

Win a FREE Trip to Myrtle Beach! {Over $1000 value!}

As a mom who knows how awesome it would be to win a package like this, I am absolutely THRILLED to be able to share this with my readers! Every hard working mom deserves a treat sometimes and this one takes the cake! It’s sweet summertime and there is one word on the minds of […]

All Natural Treatment for Infant Cradle Cap

All four of my children have dealt with a common ailment in newborns and infants: cradle cap.  That unseemly flaking of the skin on the scalp that really is merely cosmetic, yet bothersome for aesthetic reasons. My first three children had light cases of the scaly, yellow cradle cap.  I would find myself picking at […]

The Total Money Makeover:Classic Edition Review

Debt is an ugly thing that most people like to keep swept under the rug where it is nice and hidden from the neighbors. What many of us don’t realize is that the neighbors have debt too.  In fact, the majority of Americans have some form of debt.  It’s the norm of our consumerist society. […]

The Ultimate Homemaking EBook Bundle Sale! Starts TODAY!

This post includes affiliate links, and I make a portion of the sale of each ebook bundle. Thanks for your support of this site! For 6 days only, more than 75 widely-known bloggers and authors in the homemaking sphere have joined together to offer 97 of their most popular eBooks and eCourses, valued at just […]

The ULTIMATE Homemaking Bundle! A FABULOUS DEAL!

I’m really excited to announce this sale to you because I’m sitting on the edge of MY seat waiting for it to begin on Monday! Who is this deal for?  It’s for wives, mothers, homeschoolers, you know…it’s for YOU!  What am I talking about? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!  I promise! […]

F is for Free Homeschooling Resources

One of the first questions that I hear from people when they ask me about homeschooling is, “Isn’t it expensive?”  The answer to that is both yes and no. It really is what you make it to be and it can vary widely depending on your children’s learning styles, your teaching style, and the goals […]

Groceries on a Budget aka Why We Don’t Eat 100% Organic

I had a reader ask me to share any tips or advice that I have for keeping your grocery bill low.  At first, I felt completely inadequate to answer that request.  This is an area that I have yet to  master completely, although our budget generally forces me to be very frugal(I have a $300-350 […]

In Which the Yankee Girl Buys Poultry

Alec is bound and determined to make this displaced girl from the city into a nice Southern woman if it kills him. He tells me that he doesn’t hold it against me because I had no say in the matter, but that I was most definitely born on the wrong side of the Mason Dixon […]

Rub a Dub Dub, Some Fun in the Tub

Looking for a way to make bath time more fun? Why don’t you try out some homemade bath paints! Kids have a blast and they are super easy to make with ingredients that you have lying around your house. First gather up some baby wash, hand soap, or some shampoo.  Make sure that is is […]