A Day in the Life of a Homeschooling Mom of Four

Have you ever wished you could get a glimpse into someone else’s life to see how they managed their day? I have definitely wanted to take a peek inside other mother’s homes to see if I could learn anything from their routines.  Sometimes, it’s just fun to see how someone else does things. Today I’m […]

It’s Party Time!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! To my little corner of the Internet!  For those of you who are already readers of my blog, today I am participating in the 2013 Ultimate Blog Party thrown by 5 Minutes for Mom. For those of you who are stopping by for the first time, let me introduce myself!  My name […]

Fear, Part Three

(If you missed the first two parts of this story, you can read them here and here.) I turned towards my mother who had not quite made it to the phone before the door had buckled.  She also seemed frozen like a statue, staring at this man.  She was holding tightly to my little brother […]

Fear, Part Two

If you missed the first part, you can read it here.  The person at the door, trying their best to break through it was my brother’s father, a violent alcoholic who had on more than one occasion let us know that he did not want us to continue to breathe here on this earth. Since […]

Fear, Part One

True fear is a most powerful and paralyzing experience.  Every person has a small (or large) list of things that they are scared of: the dark, spiders, airplanes, etc.  In the grand scheme of things, for most people, these are merely trivial things that can be overcome with a little effort.  Deep fears, the ones […]

I’m Weird

When I was a child I was weird. I was a voracious reader.  I was never that into television shows, and we were too poor to have that fancy shmancy cable, so I didn’t really get into many of the “hit” shows (although I did love me some Alf, I tell ya).  I devoured books […]

Getting to Know Me: The Nilla Wafers and Milk Edition

I don’t remember more than a few tidbits here and there of my life before I was around four or five.  This is probably typical of most people, or at least I think it is. I remember really desiring a pink cat so one night when my mom went to sleep, I snuck around and […]

Getting to Know Me: The Story Begins…

If you read my post about growing up without a father, you may find that I have a story to tell. Actually, I have a lot of them. Some funny, some heartwarming, some really, really horrid. I didn’t have your typical All-American childhood. Quite honestly, I didn’t have much of a childhood at all. I […]