Little Hands to Heaven—Week 10

It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of these updates. With the move and everything that has come along with that, preschool lessons just haven’t been the priority.  We had five weeks off from all lessons in order to get the old house packed up and the new one set up.  It’s been exhausting, but […]

Little Hands to Heaven–Week #9

We’re still having fun with our preschool curriculum, taking our time to get through it and following my daughter’s lead.  Some days she can’t get enough of her lessons and others she isn’t interested.  I just go with the flow. She’s too young to push and we’re mainly doing this to cement some Mommy and […]

Little Hands to Heaven–Preschool Week in Review #8

Little Lydia has had a bit of an extended break from her preschool work.  The week before my older two began their Christmas break, her lessons were put on the backburner as we muscled through while making holiday preparations.  Then we had three weeks off to really bask in all things family and Christmas: baking, […]

Little Hands to Heaven–Preschool Week in Review #7

We have another fun week of preschool complete here! This week we focused on the letter E, the number 6, and the story of Joseph forgiving his brothers. We are still using our princess manuscript alphabet wall cards each week as visual reminders of the letters that we are learning. Lydia likes to be silly […]

Little Hands to Heaven—Preschool Week in Review Week 6

This last week was a review week for my preschooler.  We spent the week going back over the letters A-D, the number 5, and learning about Joseph and how he was sold by his brothers to be a slave in Egypt. She drew stripes like Joseph’s colored coat to practice counting from 1-5. We had […]

Little Hands to Heaven—Preschool Week 4

We wrapped up our last week of school before the baby comes.  We will be taking the entire month of September off to deliver and enjoy our new sibling!  Then we’ll jump back in at our own pace  until we’ve figured out our new routine. This week we started with the letter C and started […]

Little Hands to Heaven–Preschool Week 3

I had secretly hoped that we wouldn’t finish out this school week because I had been having a baby, but this little guy is taking after his siblings and hanging out past his due date where he’s nice and comfy. We started working on the letter B last week and we kept on with that […]

Little Hands to Heaven: Preschool Week 2

Little Lydia has completed her second week of preschool!  I always take a laid back approach to “schooling” at this age.  I prefer to go with the flow and focus more on fun than on checking off a “must-do” list.  I am in no rush to finish our curriculum in the scheduled school year, even […]

Little Hands to Heaven: Preschool Week 1

It’s that time of year again!  We had our first official week of schooling here and while my older two are enjoying their time with their unit study, I’m going to focus today on my youngest daughter’s first week of preschool! We are using (again!) Heart of Dakota’s Little Hands to Heaven curriculum.  This is my […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review: The Ones Told in Pictures

In the frenzy that has been our life for the past couple of weeks, I haven’t been able to put up my homeschool week in review posts.  So here’s a pictorial showcase of some of the things we’ve been doing. This makes it easier to share without a mile long blog post. 🙂 Gabby is […]