C is for Caterpillar {The Ultimate List of Caterpillar Resources for Preschool and Early Elementary and FREE Printable}

Welcome to day 3 of the ABCs of Nature collaborative series hosted by School Time Snippets! I’m hosting the letter C and I’ve decided to focus on caterpillars! Studying or observing the little wriggly critters can be great fun for young children. The metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly is fascinating to them. We’ve raised butterflies […]

FREE Printable Nature Journal for Preschoolers

It’s spring!  I hope that the weather is finally warming up where you live so that you can enjoy the great outdoors.  We are finally out of the grip of the icy cold and my children have been basking in the sunlight, running, playing, and exploring outside every day that they can. It’s the perfect […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 9

Another week gone by and lots of learning taking place!  I’m going to take a moment to gush about how much I truly enjoy teaching my children.  Back when I first started with my oldest, I was a ball of nerves.  I was unsure of where this journey would lead and if I was up […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 8

Boy, this week flew by fast!  I can’t believe it’s already Friday! We weren’t particularly busy, but I still feel like I’ve spent all week flying by the seat of my pants! C’est la vie, I suppose. I only took a few pictures this week as well.  I don’t know where the time went! We’ve […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 7

 It’s been a busy week! We started the week continuing our tree/leaf/seed nature unit.  My husband loves to deer hunt and he went to a local park to gather acorns to put out to attract them to his hunting spot.  The children went with him and it was a perfect opportunity to discuss the oak […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 6

We dove back into our regular curriculum last week after taking two weeks off to have some fun with robots.  I was still a little harried from everything going on and I also developed a facial infection so our week while on task moved slowly.  I didn’t get as many pictures as I typically take […]

Homeschool Week in Review—Week 3

I think it’s nearly safe to say that our routine is starting to settle in, although we weren’t exactly on schedule this week due to a few late nights and oversleeping! In Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory, Gabriella is learning about the English pioneers who settled in Jamestown. We added the settlement of the […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 2

Two whole weeks in with no major bumps! It’s looking like it’s going to end up being a fabulous year! I’ve had a tentative and loose schedule for our subjects running and so far it seems to help the day go relatively smoothly for both children.  The only thing that sometimes throws a wrench in […]

Homeschool Week in Review—Week 1

Well, we did it! We completed the first week of our new school year!  Gabriella is officially a first grader and Aron is starting kindergarten! At the table getting ready to begin I think I was more nervous this year.  It’s the first time that I’ve taught them at the same time using different curricula.  […]

15. Go Hiking (30 Before 30)

Well, I did it! I completed my first task from my 30 Before 30 List!  With the help of my friend Abbey from Just a Peek, I went hiking for the first time in YEARS! I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive because of my lack of fitness it’s been so long […]