Farmin’ Worms

Originally, I saw the idea to make a wormery(worm farm) in a nature crafts book that we checked out at the library, but then shortly after I it was all over Pinterest, so I pinned it several weeks ago with the intentions of using it during our gardens unit study.  This has been our last […]

Great Educational Resoures from Master Books

These reviews are long overdue, but I wanted to take some genuine time to peruse through all the materials thoroughly before I let you all know my opinion on them.  First up is The Big Book of History.  I can some this one up in one word, “WOW!”  Seriously.  Hubs and I have both spent […]

The Natural Bridge of Virginia

I mentioned in my post yesterday, that we took a rather leisurely approach to making the trek from our house to my mother’s.We meandered up the Blue Ridge Parkway, stopping at overlooks, taking pictures, discussing what we saw, and just making the trip soothing rather than stressful.  Once we crossed the Virginia state line, we […]

Hittin’ the Road

Vacations are a rare treat for us here and so when we take one it is very much needed and very much enjoyed!  We are generally more a day trip style family.  We take a day here or there to go do something fun as a family.  Sometimes we just go for family drives up […]

A Trip to the Farm

I love fall days! The weather is great, the foliage is gorgeous, and it is just an all around great time to get OUTSIDE and do something with the family!  This past weekend, Hubs did not have to work(shocker!) so we decided that it would a great time to head over to a local farm […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 1

We did it! We completed our first week of the new school year!  We spent a few weeks preparing and counting down.  I was trying to get the house completely in order before the day arrived as well, but I only got about two thirds of the way done.  What can you do?  It’s hard […]

Nature Explorers!

A few weeks ago, a blog that I follow on facebook posted a link to these great Nature Treasure Hunt  pages from Nature Rocks.  I immediately knew that my kids would enjoy them and we got a chance to utilize them in our own backyard.  I printed them out, we gathered our paper towel tubes […]