Conquering the Dread Pirate Potty (aka My Favorite Potty Training Resources)

This is a derivative of “Potty Training” by Manish Bansal, used CC BY Ah, potty training. It’s one of those pains facets of motherhood that can be very… … … ahem, trying. As much as I really love the toddler stage with all it’s mispronunciations and cute antics, I generally do not at all look […]

What M&Ms Won’t Do But Jellybeans Will

We’ve been potty training Aron now for approximately three months. We’ve had good times and bad times, ambulance which seems to be part of the potty training dance for all children. We started with a sticker chart, viagra order but needless to say that was very short lived when I discovered the stickers missing from […]

What an M&M Won’t Do

Here we are a week or more into our potty training adventure. How’s our progress? Eh. I decided to start out with Aron the same way I did with Gabby: big boy underwear, look a trip to the potty every 30-45 minutes, and a big hulking sticker chart. At first, Aron was really excited to […]

Potty Training Round Two

Here we go again! We’ve begun the potty training ritual for Aron. I have been seriously slacking in this area. I intended to start right after he turned two, buy cialis and made a sort of half-hearted attempt for a week or so, and quite frankly got lazy about it. He tinkled in the potty […]

Doin’ the Happy Potty Dance

Do you know what this is? Besides being an adorable, sweetpea of a Princess and an incredibly precocious almost three year old, she is…………. after sticker charts, candy, timers, big girl panties, prize boxes, etc…. a POTTY TRAINED toddler! ****insert happy dance here!****** She has actually been daytime trained since about a week or so […]

I’m Calling A Truce

With potty training. I can’t take it anymore. It’s far too stressful and far too time consuming to wrangle a very active toddler to use the toilet. We started several months ago and at first it went GREAT! Sweetpea loved being a big girl and climbing up onto her little Ernie stepstool, sitting on her […]