U is for Until the Baby Arrives (Packing a Hospital Bag and Making Kid Clothing Packs)

I’m sitting at 38 weeks (and a few days).  Is it REALLY that close to baby’s arrival?  It’s flown.  A few nights ago, I had a serious Braxton Hicks attack.  It was so intense and lasted for hours, keeping me awake through the night and I thought, “Wow, maybe I’ll actually have a baby before […]

T is for Three: Lydia’s Birth Story

A little over three years ago, we were a little family of four.  My husband and I had what many call the “perfect family” because we had one girl and one boy.  While I was very happy with what we had, deep down, my Mommy heart very much longed for another little girl.  I only […]

34 Weeks and Counting: The Home Stretch

I almost can’t believe it, but I’m down to the last 6(or so) weeks of pregnancy!  It seems like just a few days ago when I made the big announcement.   Time sure does fly.  I look back at the seemingly endless morning sickness and the anticipation that came with wondering if we were going to […]

O is for Overdue: Aron’s Birth Story

I recently shared with you the birth story of my oldest child, which happened via a rather unpleasant induction.  I plan on sharing the story of each of my children’s births before I give birth to our fourth child sometime in August.  Today is all about my second child, Aron.  My Bubba. My second pregnancy […]

I is for Induction: Gabriella’s Birth Story

When you find yourself pregnant for the very first time, there are a myriad of fears that will travel through your brain during the nine months that your child is in your womb. What will labor feel like? Will I know when it’s REALLY time?How bad will it hurt? Can I do it? Will my […]

25 Weeks and Counting: A Guide to the Baby Items that Aren’t Necessary

I’ve begun the internal freak out.  You know, the one where all of a sudden your brain catches up with your burgeoning belly and realizes that HEY!  You are having a baby!!  I’ve realized that I’ve reached a point in motherhood where I haven’t spent much time in this pregnancy thinking about the things I […]

The Christian Mama’s Guide to Having a Baby

I am a pregnancy and parenting book hoarder.  It’s a shame really and I probably should look into a support group, but I like to read all about this mothering thing and it’s many facets.  Now that you know all about my addiction, I can tell you a little about the newest book to be […]

The ULTIMATE Homemaking Bundle! A FABULOUS DEAL!

I’m really excited to announce this sale to you because I’m sitting on the edge of MY seat waiting for it to begin on Monday! Who is this deal for?  It’s for wives, mothers, homeschoolers, you know…it’s for YOU!  What am I talking about? Sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t!  I promise! […]

23 Weeks and Counting!

Is it really already 23 weeks in?  It seems like I just found out we were expecting!  Time flies faster with each pregnancy, or at least that is how it feels! There is nothing too terribly exciting to report.  Things are going routinely.  My morning sickness still makes random appearances, but it’s manageable. The most […]

20 Weeks and Counting: Halfway to Baby!

Today marks the halfway point in my pregnancy.  Well, just about.  I have gone “overdue” at least 6 days or more with every pregnancy, so it’s probably not “technically” my halfway point, but as far as the standard 40 week pregnancy guideline, we’re midway! It’s hard to believe that I’ve already been pregnant for twenty […]