It’s A….(Gender Reveal!)

Anticipation has been building around our home for a few weeks now. It’s been an ongoing discussion. Will baby #4 be a boy, giving us an equal number of each gender? Or would another precious girl enter our mix and make the estrogen levels soar? 🙂 The consensus from most has been overwhelmingly leaning in […]

Ten Tips to Naturally Handle Nausea During Pregnancy

Beginning about a week after discovering that we were expecting, the overwhelming nausea set in.  I couldn’t eat.  I couldn’t drink.  I couldn’t be near strong smells, or any smells.  Everything and anything would send me rushing to the restroom. I’ve never dealt with morning sickness this severe in any of my other pregnancies, so […]

Natural Pregnancy Supplements from Fairhaven Health

Being pregnant is both one of the most amazing and stressful experiences in a woman’s life. On one hand, your body is growing, nurturing, and housing a precious little child.  You can feel his/her movements and you feel tremendously blessed to be allowed to protect this baby until he/she is ready to enter the big […]

Toddlers and Pregnancy: Advice from a Mama of Four

Photo Credit During each of my pregnancies after my first, I have had a toddler in the mix. When my second was born, my oldest was only 22 months old.  When my third was born, my second was only 2 1/2.  This time around, I’ll have a 3 year old when the baby arrives. It […]

Pregnancy #4: 16 Weeks and Counting

Here I am!  Pregnancy number four!  I had originally planned on blogging at least weekly about this pregnancy, but well, the pregnancy got in the way of that!  It’s funny that no matter how many times you’ve carried a child, each time is different.  I think it’s God’s way of reminding us that we can’t […]

5. Lose 5-8lbs and Tone Up (30 Before 30)

I have to revise number five on my 30 Before 30 list.  I’ve been lazy about getting into a good workout routine and while I’d still like to get healthier, I’ll probably be spending the next few months gaining weight. Yep!  We’ll be welcoming baby #4 some time next summer! Guess that’s a good enough […]

Pretty Mommies Skincare Education and Giveaway Event

Did you know it’s important to use safe skincare while you’re pregnant and breastfeeding? The Blogging Mamas Network and Pretty Mommies have come together to bring you important information about safe skincare during these special times AND to offer you a chance to win 1 of 4 sets of Pretty Mommies Skincare! Pretty Mommies Skin […]

It’s Not About Their Beliefs

I had an interesting discussion with a facebook friend or two today about the controversial couple, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar that prompted this post.  If you haven’t heard yet, they announced a couple of days ago that they have sadly experienced a miscarriage. I cannot even begin to imagine what they and their family […]

Dear Sweet Angel Sugar Plum

It’s here, even though I tried to pretend it wasn’t. It came without any concern that I wasn’t ready for it. It was sneaky and crept up when I was not keeping guard. Your first birthday, Sugar Plum. Your very first one. Lydia on the day she was born One year that you have been […]

Introducing Lydia…

She’s here! Lydia made her appearance on July 13th at 6:02PM after 23 hours of labor. She weighed in at 9lbs even and was 21 inches long. We are settling in rather nicely! More posts to come…