8+ Outdoor Spring Science Experiments

Now that winter is finally behind us, it’s time to jump headlong into spring! Here in Texas where I live, April and May are the perfect months to get out in the sunshine before it gets too hot during the summer months. We are big fans of STEM activities for kids. We love all STEM […]

Katy and the Big Snow Crafts, Activities, and Resources

We’ve recently begun using the very popular Five in a Row curriculum with our four year old daughter. So far, we are enjoying “rowing” our way through some great classic books. I love that quality children’s literature is paired with so many different varieties of learning activities. I’ve always been very keen on hands on […]

Free Snowflake Printable Activities for Preschool

Here I am again with another fun preschool pack! You loved the monster activity pack so much that I’ve made a new one for winter! These free snowflake printable activities for preschool are so much fun! In fact, we almost had a fight with the older kids today because they were begging to do the […]

12 Easy Craft Stick Christmas Decorations that Children Can Make

I mentioned on my Facebook page not too long ago that my children and I were determined to deck our Christmas tree in 100% handmade Christmas ornaments. It’s been a ton of fun scouring Pinterest for ideas and spending time with my little ones crafting together. I’ve decided to extend our DIY holiday crafting and […]

Q is for Quiet Spirit

Anyone with children appreciates those quiet moments!  Does having a “quiet spirit” mean that our children will be quiet all the time! To see how to help our children develop a quiet spirit, we have to know what the Bible says about a quiet spirit. The verse that comes first to mind is directed to godly wives:  but let […]

FREE Silly Monster Games and Activities Printable Pack

We had some super silly activities during our homeschool time today. Sometimes you just need to have fun instead of doing ‘the usual.’ Instead of doing our regular math activities, we played with silly monsters. This was part of my mission to get my first grader excited about doing school (which she hates in general). […]

Big Block Singsong DVD Review and Giveaway!

Have you ever come across a children’s show that has this way of getting ingrained into your mind so that the songs in it will pop out, seemingly of their own accord, at random times throughout the day? I don’t mean in the annoying someone-get-this-song-0ut-of-my-head way, but in the this-is-fun-and-cute kind of way. I appreciate […]

K is for King Solomon

I’m excited to be participating in Dusty’s blog series, The ABCs of Bible Study for Children! When I signed up for the letter K, I immediately knew I wanted to do a post about King Solomon. I always loved stories about King Solomon as a child and I really enjoyed putting this post together! There […]

Making Tooth Brushing Fun

Did you know that I hold the current title for Master Toddler Tooth Brusher? It’s true. I can swirl around bicuspids and scrub out molars on wee ones faster than you can say dental floss. It’s taken years of practice and I didn’t always have the cooperation of the intended target. I play no games […]

J is for Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

The story of the life of Joseph contains so many valuable lessons for children. Faithfulness, forgiveness, love, responsibility, service to others, and more. He was a man that loved the Lord and lived his life accordingly. The story of his colorful coat and how his brothers betrayed him by selling him to be used as […]