A Sock Monkey Birthday Party!

  Two weeks ago, our youngest turned one year old. Our family typically does not throw birthday parties because we do family adventure days instead but the one birthday that we always make sure to throw a party for is the first one. Though we don’t throw huge parties, we do want to gather family […]

Under Drake’s Flag: Sea Adventures with Sir Francis Drake {A Review}

It’s no secret that our family enjoys a good audiobook or drama.  We often listen to stories that take us to faraway lands or long ago times. They are great to use during quiet time or in the car.  The newest tale to grace our radio comes from Heirloom Audio Productions and follows the adventures […]

Classroom Friendly Supplies Pencil Sharpener Review

When we first moved into our last house, there were a few things left behind by the previous tenants.  Our landlord told us that he was planning on hauling it all to the dump, but if we wanted to keep any of it, to feel free to claim it. We ended up gaining a baby […]

Character Building Songs for Children {A Review}

We are rather conservative when it comes to what music we listen to in our home. Though our oldest is 8, she is not privy to the typical pop culture of today’s children her age. We most assuredly do not have Bieber fever here. Typically, the only thing that you will hear coming from our […]

A Classic Book Series Comes to the Small Screen {The Boxcar Children Review and Giveaway}

When I was a little girl, I loved to read. I still own many of my childhood favorites. One series that I spent hours upon hours reading as a child was The Boxcar Children. Four orphaned siblings who are hiding from the grandfather whom they fear dislikes them, strike out to try to make their […]

Do You Have the Fever? {A VeggieTales Review and Giveaway!}

We LOVE the familiar vegetables Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, and all of their friends from VeggieTales. We have a rather large collection of their movies and watch them often. From my oldest child to my youngest, they all enjoy these cartoons with a Christian spin. Have you heard of VeggieTales latest movie, Celery […]

Help with Lesson Plans When You’re Used to a Boxed Curriculum {A Review and Giveaway!}

For four years I used a curriculum that provided me a straightforward presentation of what each day in our homeschool should look like. I knew what pages to read in what books, what crafts to create, what to say to my child to get a key idea across, and could do it all by simply […]

Lovely Pocket Diaper Review and Giveaway!

I haven’t written much about our use of cloth diapers, mostly because we do not use them exclusively. We use cloth at home some times, but not always and I rarely use them out and about. It’s just what works for our family right now. My stash has dwindled over the years as children grew […]

Age Appropriate Chores for Young Children {and a Review}

I am a firm believer in children having responsibilities around the home. Part of being a parent is raising productive children who are not entitled and who one day will be equipped to care for themselves and their own families. Families should be teams and work together to maintain their home. I have heard an […]

Introducing Children to Classical Music {A Review}

I love classical music.  I find it soothing and very enjoyable. I play it often in the background of our day but I have yet to sit my children down and teach them about it. I’ve had big plans of doing composer studies where our lessons are filled with stories and learning, but it has […]