When Mommy is Depressed {A Review}

I have blogged about my personal struggles with depression and anxiety in the past.  While I wish that I could tell you now that my difficulties in that area were long gone, if I did that I wouldn’t be telling you the truth. It’s a daily challenge, though things are certainly on the upswing for […]

Animal Fun with Legos! {A Review}

Does your child enjoy playing with Legos? The better question is likely: what child doesn’t enjoy playing with Legos? I know that my children love to break out their tubs of building bricks to create their own structures, people, animals, and other things from their imaginations.  This kind of play helps make connections in spatial […]

Exciting Audio Stories for the Whole Family! {A Review}

Our family loves audiobooks and dramas. They are fun to listen to in the car, while working around the house doing chores, or even while sitting around a table painting, drawing, or doing schoolwork.  They are a fun addition to our lives and I’m always searching for new ones to introduce to my children. For […]

Turning to God When You Feel Restless {Review}

A couple of years ago, I read a book by Jennie Allen that really grabbed me and made me truly take a deep look inward and see if I was really willing to put my money where my mouth was when it came to my faith. This time, I had the privilege of reviewing the […]

Online Games for Christian Kids {Adventure Bible Kids Website Review}

My children are limited in how much time they are allowed to spend on the computer.  I don’t want them to become to absorbed in a screen. When I do allow them to play games, I want them to be enriching, not mind numbing. We have a few select websites that we regularly visit for […]

Three Trees–One Amazing Story {Review and Giveaway}

With an intro that begins with a narration about how God created all the trees and seeds, each with their own destiny, this animated tale tells the story of three special trees. Follow the unique journeys of three seeds as they are planted in three different locations.  Watch them grow into an olive tree, an […]

Teach Children ASL Set to Inspirational and Familiar Hymns! {A Review}

Once upon a time, I moved to North Carolina because I wanted to attend college to study Deaf Education. I wanted to teach elementary aged deaf students. I began learning American Sign Language in high school.  We were required to take two foreign languages and ASL was one of the options available.  The teacher was […]

A Wholesome Magazine for Young Christian Girls {A Review}

Take a walk down the magazine aisle in any store these days and you’ll find yourself grimacing and attempting to shield your children’s eyes from the onslaught of loose morals. Overtly sexual poses and titles are boldly proclaimed and worship of the next “hottest” boy bander is highly encouraged. It’s rather discouraging for Christian parents […]

Babywearing in the Summer {A Beachfront Baby Review and GIVEAWAY!}

I mentioned in a post earlier this week that my personal favorite baby carrier is my wrap.  I love it and use it constantly when I have small babies and toddlers. It is the most comfortable carrier that I have ever used and I appreciate its versatility. The one downside to it is that it […]

Win a Laminator for Your Homeschool! {Giveaway}

    As a homeschooler, rx a laminator can be a great blessing! You can laminate worksheets, flashcards, charts, and more to keep them neat and ready for reuse. Here is a fantastic opportunity to win one! Hosted by Networking Witches Co Hosted by Mom Powered Media – Budget Earth – Rude Mom Blog   […]