GeoSafari Jr Educational Laptop Review and GIVEAWAY!!

I have drooled over the pages of the HearthSong catalog for several years.  There are pages and pages filled with high quality, educational toys.  We live in a 900 sq ft home.  All three of my children share a room for now and so we are very selective with the type and amount of toys […]

The Christmas Angel–A Review

I’m sure you all have heard of the famous Elf on a Shelf tradition that families participate in during the Christmas season.  A little elf, sent by Santa, comes to watch the children of the home and make sure they behave.  He reports back to Santa nightly and then comes and gets into mischief to […]

Christ Centered Christmas Resources and a GIVEAWAY!

Thanksgiving has passed, so it’s safe to come out and start celebrating the Christmas season!  I LOVE this time of year and I’ve not-so-secretly been playing Christmas songs since midway through November.  We put up our trees this past weekend and now I’m preparing to start wrapping the gifts and placing them underneath! Our children’s […]

Knotted Wear Apron Review and Giveaway!

It all started last winter when I needed a dress for Gabriella’s Christmas dance for ballet.  I searched and searched department stores in person and online and could NOT find anything that I liked.  Everything was too fancy or too casual or too…..something.  So, I turned to Etsy.  Oh, how I adore that site!  I […]

HEV: Educational Videos for the Home Educating Family (Review & GIVEAWAY!)

About a month ago I was contacted by John and Claudia Orgill about the launch of their new website, The HEV Project.  The Orgills are a Christian homeschooling family who are passionate about their educational choices for their children just like you and I.  They desire to provide resources to homeschooling families that honor God […]

Sibu Balancing Facial Cleanser–GIVEAWAY!

There is a fruit known as the Himalayan sea buckthorn berry that  apparently has many health and beauty benefits. It is an all natural fruit that contains antioxidants, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, omega 7, and amino acids and has been said to aid in inflammatory issues and possibly even in cancer prevention. It is edible […]

Paws and Tales: Being Kind and Caring

Several months ago, I had the opportunity to review a Christian children’s movie from a biblical cartoon series begun by Chuck Swindoll, Paws and Tales.  I had mixed feelings about it as there were a few instances where bad behavior by the children in the story were either not addressed or were seemingly brushed aside.  […]

WonderMaps: A Review

With Sweetpea entering Kindergarten this year, I have had geography on my mind. In keeping with my mostly Charlotte Mason approach to education, I wanted to begin a light introduction to the subject and I have been dabbling here and there with various ideas. One of the things that I have started to implement in […]

Paws and Tales: Putting Others First

So much of today’s children’s animated entertainment is absolute drivel.  I was already pretty strict about what my children watched on television from the start, but as the years have gone by, the shows that grace our screen have become more and more limited because I have simply tired of the “dumbing down” in the […]

Eco-friendly Household Cleaners and Toiletries

Recently, I got the opportunity to test out some products around my home that are not only easy on the wallet, as far as natural products go, but they are also not detrimental to health or the environment! What a great combination, I say! Ecostore USA states, “All of our products are made from plant- […]