Homeschooling with an Older Baby

Nearly six months ago, I blogged about my tips for getting back into the homeschool swing with a newborn. My little guy is now eight months old and entering a new stage of mobility and curiosity! While many of the things that I mentioned in the other post can apply when you baby gets a […]

Homeschooling During a Move

Six years. It’s been nearly six years since we moved into this little country house. Six years, two babies, two first birthdays, five anniversaries, one midnight snowman building session, one job loss, three promotions, countless dinners, family movie nights, and cuddles. Memories.  These 900 square feet hold a great deal of our happy and sad […]

Exposing Children to the Theatre{Real Life Homeschooling}

A derivative of “Theater” by Alan Cleaver, used by CCBY My love affair with the theatre began when I was a small child.  Every year the church that I attended put on a Christmas play.  These were your average nativity plays, but actual Christmas themed productions.  I looked forward to them every year and when […]

Homeschooling with a New Baby

Four and a half months ago, we welcomed our fourth child into the world. He’s been such a blessing to our home and lives and we just love him to bits. Life with a newborn is unpredictable.  I’ve never followed a schedule when it comes to babies.  I nurse on demand and watch their cues […]

Real Life Homeschooling Blog Hop #3: When You’re Pregnant

I’ll be 39 weeks pregnant tomorrow.  Only one week away from my due date!  I’m both excited and a tad nervous about welcoming our fourth child into our family.  As I look back, it seems like this pregnancy has flown by so quickly. This is the second time that I’ve been pregnant since beginning my […]

Real Life Homeschooling Blog Hop #2 — Learning During Breaks

  I have mentioned before that we school year round, so we don’t have an official “summer break.”  Instead we take breaks as needed throughout the whole year and I only plan one—Christmas.  Since my due date is creeping closer and we wrapped up all of school books for this “year,” I decided to take […]

Real Life Homeschooling Blog Hop #1| When a Loved One is Sick

On Tuesday, May 28th, I spoke to my husband on the phone while he took his lunch break at work.  It was a normal afternoon.  He was calling to check in on us and we chatted about everyday happenings. One hour later, I got an entirely different phone call. Something drastic had occurred and hubby […]

Real Life Homeschooling

Homeschooling is so much more than curriculum. It’s making your life about learning.  It’s about creating an environment where education is as normal as eating breakfast.  It’s doing school on your own terms, in your own way, in your own time.  I am so excited to introduce the newest homeschooling blog hop on the block! […]