Homeschool Week(s) in Review–Russia

We’ve finally made it to Europe in our Expedition Earth travels.  Our first stop was Russia! This was probably one of our most fun weeks so far! We learned how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Russian.  We listened to our names in Russian using Google Translate. We listened to Tchaikovsky, watched Ballerina, and […]

Bringing an Old Fashioned Pen Pal Method to Modern Times

When I was a child, I have very fond memories of writing letters to my cousins and friends during the summer. I’d anxiously await their replies, eagerly checking the mailbox each afternoon. When the long anticipated envelope would arrive, I’d be full of excitement as I carefully tore it open and unfolded the letter. I […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review–Thailand

Our last stop on our tour through Asia with Expedition Earth was Thailand. We’ve taken so many breaks because of the birth of our youngest and our recent move that our trip around the world has taken longer than first anticipated. Some countries have also been so much fun that we spent more than one […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review—Israel

It’s been awhile since I’ve updated on our Expedition Earth journeys. We’re still making our way across the globe, but with the recent move, we had several weeks that things were rather scattered and unorganized when it came to schooling. The country I’m sharing about in this post, Israel, was completed before, during, and after […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review—India

Our next stop on our journey through Asia was India.  We’d had a bit of a break since our last country because we were working on a few other things.  We dove back in, ready to have fun and to learn about the Indian people and culture. We kicked off the week learning the general […]

X is for Xylophone Rainbow Fun!

Last week, my preschooler Lydia, learned about Noah and the flood.  After reading about God making his promise to never flood the Earth again and setting the rainbow in the sky, I thought that we needed some more rainbow colored fun to go along with the story.  I decided to let her make her own […]

My Students–Meet My Children

We started our school year nearly three weeks ago, but it’s just fun to participate in this blog hop, so I’m still going to give you the rundown on the “students” in my homeschool.  Plus, it’s fun to look back at past posts and get all sentimental about how much my children have grown and […]

W is for Welcome to a New School Year!

*this post contains affiliate links*I mentioned in my preschool week in review post that we had started our new school year.   We have now officially completed our first full two weeks! I didn’t want to dive into our regular curriculum for the year while I was so close to my due date, so instead we […]