Homeschool Week in Review–Week 15

I mentioned last week that I was itching for Christmas break.  Well, it really showed this week because we only got two days worth of work done!  Ah well, it’s the holidays! We’ve still been having a ton of fun with our Christmas Angel, Noelle.  My husband injured himself at work last week.  He punctured […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 14

December is running away with me!  We’re only eight days in and I already feel like maybe we should throw schooling to the wind until the New Year because of how busy we’ve been!  I won’t do it though.  I’m not brave enough.  What do you other homeschoolers do during the holiday season? We ended […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 11

Just when I thought we we’re getting over the hump of illness that we experienced last week, my baby girl ended up with a double ear infection.  It not only made her extremely lethargic and feverish, She laid down in the floor and fell asleep 🙁 but it even made my sweet girl’s eyes swell […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 10

What a week. What.a.week. It all started Sunday night when about thirty minutes before bed, my little Bubba man started complaining of a sore throat. I figured it was just from the weather changes we’d had, that some outdoor irritant had made him scratchy and that with some water and some sleep, he’d be good […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 9

Another week gone by and lots of learning taking place!  I’m going to take a moment to gush about how much I truly enjoy teaching my children.  Back when I first started with my oldest, I was a ball of nerves.  I was unsure of where this journey would lead and if I was up […]

Homeschool Week in Review–Week 6

We dove back into our regular curriculum last week after taking two weeks off to have some fun with robots.  I was still a little harried from everything going on and I also developed a facial infection so our week while on task moved slowly.  I didn’t get as many pictures as I typically take […]

Animal Play—A Review

Animal Play is an early learning curriculum created by a homeschooling mama just like me and you!  I first learned of it when my son completed his first year of schooling after using Little Hands to Heaven.  Even though my oldest had cycled through that program twice using some more supplementation the second time around, […]

Homeschool Week in Review—Week 1

Well, we did it! We completed the first week of our new school year!  Gabriella is officially a first grader and Aron is starting kindergarten! At the table getting ready to begin I think I was more nervous this year.  It’s the first time that I’ve taught them at the same time using different curricula.  […]

Homeschool Week(s) in Review–Preschool Comes to a Close

I posted on Friday about Gabriella’s last weeks of kindergarten and now I have to bring myself to write about my little Bubba’s last weeks of preschool.   Must I really admit that they are growing up so? I suppose I don’t have a choice.*insertwistfulsighhere* Aron has thoroughly enjoyed this year using Teach Me Joy’s Animal […]

Our 2012-2013 Curriculum!

It’s that time again!  Ringing in a new school year and celebrating the freedom to school right here in our own home!  I had a ton of fun participating in the NOT Back to School Blog Hop last year, so I looked forward to joining in again this year! I’ll have two students doing actual […]