Shameless Picture Post

Halloween 2008

Mello Yello, Hair Holes, Funky Chickens

Me(singing): “They call me Mello Yello…”Sweetpea: They do NOT call you mello yello, they call you Mommy! ************************************************************* Sweetpea(while twirling her hair around her finger): Mommy help!Me: What’s wrong honey?Sweetpea: My hair has a circle and it has a hole in it!Me: That is because your hair is curly, sweetheart.Sweetpea: Does your hair have a […]

Cardboard and a Bit of Imagination

You remember when you were a child and someone would throw an old blanket over a table or a piece of furniture and you could climb under it and pretend it was your secret hiding place? Your own little corner of the world where no one else could bother you or tell you what to […]

A Puppy Named Einstein

If you have been following my blog since it was on Myspace, then you know that awhile back we had an emergency here. Sweetpea misplaced her favorite lovey, a stuffed puppy named Einstein(from the Disney show, “Little Einsteins” that Sweetpea loved at the time). Well, we did find him after a very long night of […]